Personal passion project creating a cross-platform web app for long-term monitoring of mental wellbeing & lifestyle interactions.

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This project was featured on the front page of Product Hunt.

Project Overview

Vividwell was built to allow users to track their self-reported mood & symptom scores against health & lifestyle data such as sleep, nutrition, activity and medicines to unlock powerful insights regarding your mental wellbeing and help users enable better care decisions.

Using quick and easy check-in alongside other useful tools such as mental health screeners and medicine tracking, users can keep a detailed and insightful history of their mental wellbeing.

Vividwell is free to use and compatible with most internet-enabled devices including iOS and Android via a universal web app.


I conceptualised, designed and built Vividwell using PHP and the Laravel framework from scratch.

The project remains under active development as a personal passion project.

Adam Greenough · 18th May 2019 · Filed under Data visualisation, Featured, Laravel, Marketing, MySQL, Personal project, PHP, UI/UX design, User research